Nowadays our lifestyle does not give us time to have a proper diet. Every 3rd person is found diabetic amongst a group of 10. Diabetes is a lifestyle disease where blood sugar levels are elevated. Diabetes is not a curable disease but it can be definitely controlled by a healthy diet, regular exercise, and medications. One needs to maintain the condition.

Diet plays an important role in managing blood sugar levels. To manage sugar levels, eating small and frequent meals (2-3 hourly) is very important. If there is a long gap between two meals, your sugar levels are affected. Breakfast is the most important meal for a diabetic person to manage his sugar levels.

Here are some healthy breakfast options:

Breakfast at home

It’s simple to manage your breakfast when you are home. The healthy options for breakfast are daliya porridge/upma, low-fat dahi with whole wheat paratha, moong flour chilla with curd, nachni dosa thalipith with curd, chappati sabji, etc.

Breakfast outside house

It’s difficult to maintain your breakfast when you are traveling or not at home. So here are some healthy diet options. Brown bread or multigrain bread. Veg sandwich, low-fat paneer toast, vegetable stuffed in whole wheat chapatti with low-fat curd, egg white omelette etc.

Quick meals

Sometimes we skip our breakfast because we do not have enough time. Oats or wheat flakes with toned milk, boiled sprouts with khakra, hung curd sandwich, egg white with whole wheat bread can be used as quick meals as they don’t require much time and effort to be prepared.

Having small & frequent meals is very essential for a diabetic person. Now you have many options to have in your breakfast outside and at home also. So don’t skip your breakfast and manage your diabetes smartly.