” Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Missing it out has been found to increase risk of heart disease. A 16 year long study published in American Heart Association journal circulation says that skipping breakfast increases the risk of heart attacks by 27 % in men. Men those who reported skipping breakfast were younger than those who did not.  All participants were exclusively white. More research in women and in other ethnicity  is needed to confirm these findings about heart health & breakfast.

Eat Breakfast & Save Your Heart

Eat Breakfast & Save Your Heart

Some other studies have suggested a link between breakfast & obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes & other health problem seen as precursors to heart problems.

Why would skipping breakfast be a heart disease risk?

Experts say, not exactly but may be people who don’t eat breakfast are more likely to feel hungry later in the day & eat larger meals. This means the body must process these larger meals, larger amount of calories in shorter time. That can spike blood sugar levels in the blood & perhaps lead to clogged blood vessels. These two things put you at high risk of developing heart diseases.

Thus, have your breakfast daily, this simple lifestyle change will not only prevent you from heart diseases but also will keep you healthy!