Technology is something we have been habitual to. Even very simple day to day work is done by technology. Even professionals have been using technology to set and spread their business. Video/ Audio meeting, Skype interviews, e-Learning are few commonly used online tools. Like all other fields even medical field has become online now.

Waiting to contact your doctor or expert for small problems and then sitting in a queue. Now a days this has been replaced by just mailing your doctors and getting solutions in no time.

Online health has a lot of benefits for the user and we all are aware about it. But use of online health is very advantageous for health experts also. Listed below are few merits of online health from expert’s point of view:online diet plan, online health, eclinic

  1. It is time saving as everyone is online now a days.
  2. You can reach your patients any time of the day and answer them
  3. Can spread awareness across the globe via articles, blogs etc.
  4. Patients can understand their health solutions in no time.
  5. They can get connected to other experts from same field
  6. Share and gain new knowledge
  7. Easy and convenient to treat patients and delay any complications.
  8. One can cover more patients in less time and hence grow business.
  9. An online profile is created which helps in building up your global image.
  10. Electronic health records has helped both docs and patients.
  11. Virtual clinic helps expert to treat his patients globally
  12. Whenever the expert or doctor is free from daily routine, he can treat the online patients and earn extra income.
  13. An expert can connect not only with patients but also their relatives which creates a bond and builds in the trust in doctor or expert.

Although it has so many advantages, there are a few limitations also. An expert or a doctor cannot treat emergency cases online and even prescriptions cannot be given only counselling can be beneficial.

Online health has advantages from both the sides of consumers and experts. These are just a few advantages you can share your experiences and write your views below.