Now a days children prefer junk food like pizza, Maggie, burgers over healthy homemade food. All kids love eating chocolates and sweets which spoils their teeth. Considering these daily facts we organized a health check-up in Appabhanse School on 13th December 2013 in Talwade, Pune. Dr.Archana Katyare, who is a wellness consultant, conducted this check-up and she was assisted by Rajashri Chavan, Priyanka Shinde, Shubhangi Gaikwad.

A general health check-up was conducted for students between 3-10 years like height, weight, dental etc. Around 144 students participated in this health check-up and all the students were eager and enthusiastic.

The commonly found problems in the students were dental related. A few students were underweight as their diet was not complete and healthy. Students were asked to share what they get in their tiffin on weekly basis and the changes were discussed with their respective teachers.

Health issues in schools

Health issues in schools

The school further are going to initiate a parents and teachers meeting where one of our experts will suggest the parents what is healthy diet and importance of healthy lifestyle from kids point of view.

It was a successful health check-up camp and good initiative taken by the school. The school administration co-operated well and served as good hosts.

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