Soreness of mouth that causes too much pain is called Mouth UlcerIt is a white and grayish pit with red halos and causes soreness and feeling of burning pain. These ulcers generally appear on lips, on the tongue, inside the cheeks, inside the bottom lip and on the gums. At the initial stage of these ulcers you feel the burning pain and prickling sensation. These types of ulcers are not contagious but can be cured by using some common remedies which are used in our day to day life. Its occurrence may be in a single form or in clusters.

mouth ulcers

Some of the common causes for mouth ulcers are:-

Stress, Unhygienic dental conditions, Deficiency of Vitamin B12 , Vitamin C and Iron in our nutrition , Food allergies, the most common cause is the accidental bite in mouth and cheeks and hormonal imbalance etc ;


  • COCONUT MILK: Coconut is believed to be best proven for the cure of mouth ulcers. Extract the coconut milk by grating fresh coconut. Now gargle with this coconut milk for about three to four times a day. You will see the better results immediately.
  • CHILLED WATER: Gargle with a glass of cold/ chilled water and glass of lukewarm water alternatively. This procedure will cure the ulcers effectively.
  • CAMPHOR AND SUGAR: Mix one part of camphor with seven parts of sugar cubes (mishri) and apply it gently on the blister.
  • ALOE VERA: It is a natural remedy for ulcers which is proven to be effective in its treatment. Take at least two tablespoons of aloe vera gel and apply on the affected area thrice a day for immediate results.
  • BASIL (TULSI) LEAVES: Chewing at least 5 basil leaves with water six times a day will give relieve from mouth ulcers.
  • CORIANDER LEAVES: Boil coriander leaves in water, cool down and gargle with lukewarm water for 3-4 times a day for better results.
  • FENUGREEK LEAVES: Boil one cup of fenugreek leaves in twice the amount of water and keep it for sometime covering with a lid and then gargle with the water twice or thrice daily.


These are the basic techniques which are used in almost every home to cure mouth ulcers. So use these remedies to have healthy gums and stay fit.