Time is of the essence when someone has struck down with heart attack or any other major traumatic injury. Because immediate action is so critical to limit damage & optimize a better recovery for the patient, health care professionals refer to this time frame ” The Golden Hour“. Golden hour is the critical one hour from the onset of a heart attack. Most of the death occur during this period if not treated properly.

Heart Attack: Seize The Golden Hour!

Heart Attack: Seize The Golden Hour!

Many patients die due to heart attack suddenly, as they are unable to reach the appropriate hospital in time. During heart attack, the heart muscles die within a few min from the moment after heart attack  due to lack of blood supply. This happens when a blood blocks the flow of blood through the coronary artery.  The following steps should be taken in such situation –

During Heart attack, act immediately:

  1. Recognize symptoms
  2. Call for Help or emergency & reach hospital promptly .
  3. The patient may be given Aspirin & nitroglycerin. ( It will help to keep blood thin & flowing )
  4. CPR – Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation may be recommended, which helps to deliver oxygen to the body & brain.
  5. Goal of treatment is to restore blood flow & save heart tissue.

Depending on intensity of Heart attack, surgical treatment like angioplasty, bypass can be performed. The goal of Treatment for heart attack is to:

  1. Relive pain
  2. Preserve the heart muscle function
  3. Prevent death

Thus, it is very important to get an emergency department quickly, within the Golden Hour, if one has reason to suspect that he/she is experiencing a heart attack.

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