Fitness and meditation have many complimentary attributes. Health is not only measured in the physical aspect, but is also measured by the inner state of wellbeing. Relaxation techniques are a critical part of fitness. If an individual is fit, he is able to perform tasks while exerting much less effort than someone who is both mentally and physically strained. There are many strategies to maintain a fit mind and body. Many feel that an important component of ‘being fit’ should now incorporate some form of meditation.

Meditation trains the conscious to be at peace, the mind to gain concentration, and encourages the body to promote relaxation and breathing techniques. Doing it consistently promotes both fitness and wellness.

Meditate & Be Fit

Meditate & Be Fit

Why Meditation Works Well In:

  • Depression–Whether it is from work, family or life in general, mediation can help minimize the side effects of depression. Meditation is a way to help clear your thoughts andteach themind to feel and process emotions without pre-judging them.
  • Relationship/Divorce – Mort Fertel of Marriage Fitness provides a series of steps on how to improve your marriage and avoid divorce.  The steps are often counter to what conventional wisdom says.
  • Weight Loss– Meditation strategies can help quench desires to overeat. Whenever you eye an extra service of something unhealthy or cannot resist in opening the bag of chips, a simple but brief breathing technique can help you clear your mind.

How Meditation Works In:

  • Depression- therapy techniques based on mindfulness based cognitive therapy program (MBCT) helps rebuild self-critical thinking. The effectiveness of this program is the same with an anti-depressant medication that prevents and reduces the chances of depression re-occurrence.
  • Weight Loss- losing weight can make your body lighter. In this way, meditation makes it more easy and comfortable to do with some breathing exercises that connect you with yourself.
  • Your Marriage- for couples, meditation in amounts as little as five to ten minutes can have a significant impact. The techniques include sitting and facing yourpartner meditating by inhaling-exhaling. You can also listen to soothing music or follow the standard procedures in meditation.

Goal of Meditation

  • Spiritual Strength- meditation can open your divine influence making you gain more knowledge and understanding of spirituality.
  • Health and Wellness- doing meditation can decrease panic, nervousness and anxiety. Concentration increases cardiovascular circulation.
  • Relieve Stress and Fatigue- deep breathing exercise provide you with overall relaxation. It can also give you peace of mind and reduce anxiety.
  • Increase self-esteem- meditation helps you achieve your goals and improve your roles in performing your tasks.
  • Mind Conditioning- coaxes your mind into a state of non-doing. That’s not the same as doing nothing. It means you are concentrating on just one thing, experiencing each moment just as it is.