November – February winters are all over us. It gets dark early and we need sweaters all day. Winters are uneven, not only outside our house but also inside our body. It’s not only us, our skin also suffers equally. The two most important problems in winters are dry skin and catching cold. Dark, dry and itchy skin is a major concern for generation today. We generally opt for expensive creams or unnecessary skin treatments. Healthy skin is important for impressive personality. Balanced diet and addition of few more things will help in maintaining healthy skin. Then why to spend extra when we can get free remedies at home?

Homemade remedy:

Some small changes are essential to avoid dry and itchy skin. In winters we should apply cold creams, glycerin and alovera etc. on our face. We can also start having bath with warm water and apply mixture of gram flour, turmeric powder and cream of milk. Use mild soap and shampoo while bathing. We can also apply rose water with lemon to avoid itchy skin. Having a massage of coconut oil before having a bath can also be one solution.

We should adapt a good diet for winters. We should start eating more of nutrients like vitamin C & E. Adding 1 teaspoon of homemade ghee can also help our skin. In winters, food prepared in olive oil will be preferred. Eating more of salads and fruits can be a prominent change in our diet. Consumption of water must be increased in our body. We can start our mornings with combination of warm water and honey. Alma would be a good introduction in the diet.

Avoid application of multani mitti and basin flour that will keep us away from dry skin. It is recommended to avoid fatty food as it arises pimple problems.

Expert’s views:

We normally consider our homemade remedies as myth. But here is what experts have to say.

  • Increase in water intake keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. Consumption of at least 10-12 glasses of water everyday will help.
  • Also foods rich in vitamin C, vitamin E and essential fats like all citrus fruit, (orange, sweet lime), amla, almonds, walnuts, olive oil, fish respectively helps to keep your skin healthy, moist & glowing.
  • So, include as much as fruits and veggies you can add in your diet & keep your skin healthy in a natural way.