Now a days we all are facing skin problems like acne, skin cancer, eczema etc. The root cause of this problems have been global warming. Our skin is getting exposed to pollution, water chemicals, UV rays everyday which is not good for skin. One of such problem is Psoriasis. Hence here are some quick facts about Psoriasis.

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  • Psoriasis is a long term skin disease which causes skin cell to grow and thus it results in white, silvery, thick or red patches on skin.
  • People with low immunity are more prone to it.
  • Red patchy skin on hand, back, chest and knee are the major symptoms.
  • People drink alcohol, smoke, have diabetes, obese have higher risk of getting psoriasis.
  • Medical test called skin biopsy is done to find out what is the condition.
  • Add garlic to the diet, which can help to stop the whole activity of enzyme which are responsible inflammation. Salmon Fish is also helps to reduce inflammation.
  • Keeping your skin moist can prevent psoriasis.
  • Decreasing your stress levels is also one way of preventing psoriasis.
  • Exposure towards sun is must but make sure it is not too much.
  • Once followed all these simple precautions, one can prevent psoriasis as it cannot be cured easily.

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