Many of us have heard of health benefits of preventive health check ups, but how many of us really utilize this facility ?  Lets see what exactly one needs to do to avail these benefits-

Save Tax with Preventive Health Check ups

Save Tax with Preventive Health Check ups

In 2012 Budget, the government has announced tax deduction benefit of Rs 5000/- , under section 80D on account of preventive health check up for self, spouse, dependent children & parents.

How to claim for tax exemption:  Salaried people can submit photocopy of the bill to their employer at the time of investment declaration. Non salaried people can keep the original receipt with them in case the Income Tax Officer (ITO) demands same in future.

What tests you need to undergo ?

Here are the some essential tests you should undergo once in year:

  1. Health Risk assessment ( Height, Weight, Clinical history )
  2. Blood Pressure
  3. Blood Sugar Level (Fasting and after a meal)
  4. Lipid Profile (cholesterol)
  5. Electrocardiogram(ECG)
  6. Stress test
  7. 2D echo
  8. Pulmonary Lung Function Test (PFT)
  9. Eye Check up
  10. Pap Smear / Mammography ( for Female)

What better motivation than receive tax benefits on getting a health check up done? Yes, it’s true. Preventive health check up is not only beneficial for your Health but also beneficial for your Wealth.

So Get your health check up done every year & save your tax! Read more for further details of tests to suit your age and other health conditions.

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