What does “Shopping” remind us of? WOMEN…. Women have always been very fond of shopping. They have a capacity to do shop for hours together without actually buying anything. But now a days even men have started becoming shopaholics. Shopping is like a stress buster activity which is done to get rid of our boredom and also shopping can be healthy.

There is still one question which remains unanswered. What do people think before buying a product? When the same question was put on audience poll we got aware about many replies like:

1. Brand Loyalty: Some say they are habitual to use certain brand and hence they avoid changing it under any circumstances. For example a person using particular brand from many years if uses any other toothpaste he won’t get the fresh feeling. This is psychological but this creates brand loyalty.

2. Pricing: A few think the cost of the product matters more than its quality. Some people don’t prefer buying expensive stuff for no reason. But when it comes to daily needs like onion they are fine with spending a bit more.

3. Advertising: Many of them try a new products because of the interesting advertisements or their favorite celebrities using that brand. The quality and pricing doesn’t matter at all.

4. Quality: Many a times the quality of product is accounted by people the most. No matter which brand it is and no matter how expensive it is. If the quality is good people buy it.

Shopping may not be very good for your pocket but it is good for your health. Our experts say shopping is a part of stress lowering activity. One can avoid loneliness from life and also it acts a friend when you are alone. Walking in the shopping mall, trying different clothes helps to burn few calories and therefore it is very healthy . Window shopping will help in enhancing your knowledge with latest fashion and trends. It lightens your mood and also acts as anti-depressing factor.

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Shopping is a healthy addiction and everyone has their own reasons to shop. And also own ways of shopping. Some people prefer window shopping whereas some like to go shopping only when they really need something. Whatever the way or reason is shopping gives a lot energy and fun.