Whether you’ve never exercised at a gym in the past or have years of experience, there are some mistakes that even experienced gym users do. You must try to avoid them, as they can cause you problems with heart or a halt in your development, or even you can suffer from unnecessary injuries or improper use of fitness equipment. Cardio work out is the best exercise to lose weight. gym work out plan must include things like warm up, stretching etc.  Besides other body building exercises cardio work out is essential to achieve health goals and maintain it.

If you no longer making any progress in your training or do not reach your goals fast enough, there is a risk that you have committed below mentioned mistakes. Therefore, let me help you – with few advice, which can change your workouts so you can quickly get the results you want.

Cardio Work out

Cardio Work out

1. Don’t stand for long on cardio: 

Endurance is important if you want to burn fat, but if you spend more than 50 percent of your workout on cardio and so you need to think about it. If you really want to change your figure, you should focus on lifting weights. The body empties its glycogen stores when you lift weights, so if you do cardio for 20 minutes every day, the body will burn fat instead of glycogen. Cardio work out helps in weight loss when done in proper sequence. So include essential body building exercises.

2. Don’t hide far behind on the premises:

Group training is both fun and effective, but many books in on passports without knowing the technology behind the exercises and movements. When sessions are fully booked there is no opportunity for instructors to notice every single individual’s movement patterns, so if you’re unsure, do not be afraid to be seen! Poorly executed movements will not only thwart the effects of all your hard training, but also lead to poor posture and an increased risk of injury. The instructors are after all there to just instruct. So do not be too shy to ask!

3. Training not just in resistance machine

Do you recognize the following scenario? You have just got gym membership and an instructor shows you the machines and you get your new exercise program – consisting solely of exercises machines! Many times, resistance machines provide a better option for beginners, but it’s more effective to work out with dumbbells, disc-rod or one’s own body weight. Most machines isolate a particular muscle group, which means you burn fewer calories and exercising fewer muscles than free weights. When you do not use the equipment you can train, moreover, core muscles, helping you to build a more functional body.

4. Don’t ignore your weaknesses

Take a step back, admit your weaknesses and decide then to make them your strengths. If you have a slim and sleek arms, but thighs would do well to get a little closer, you can sign up for spinning class and add more squats and lunges in your workout program. Do you carry around a few extra pounds around the waist? Then, it’s time to start sculpting your abdominal muscles by using dynamic medicine ball exercises. If you work on your weak areas, it’ll not be long before you get dream body!

5. Don’t abandon your goals

Exercising together with one or a few friends some can be fun, but to train together with someone whose goals differ totally from your can negatively affect your performance. If you’re on different level physically, you must be honest with yourselves and each other and separated after heating. You can always spend time or eat and drink together afterwards, or get together once a week to weigh you and evaluate your workouts. Just make sure to stick to your respective goals, so you can continue to take the company to the gym.

So get started with your body building exercise, cardio work out along with balanced diet plan to reach optimum health. Ask a question free in our health forum and get answers from Experts. Also refer to 10 essential things to remember while doing cardio work out: Part 1.