You must eat low carb diet, avoid high fat foods etc. There are so many myths about dieting and eating a balanced food.  In today’s time balanced diet and regular physical activity are an essential part of healthy life. There are so many resources available to get information about this issue. But how many times do you follow them and be successful in your health goal? Taking professional help might help you.

Top 10 Reasons To Visit Dietitian

Top 10 Reasons To Visit Dietitian

Here are top 10 reasons one must get in touch with a Dietician:

  1. Discuss your lifestyle risk with her: As per your age, gender and medical history everybody has different level of health risk. One can go for Health Risk assessment and discuss the results with Dieticians. She will guide you for lifestyle modification and dietary changes to reduce this risk. Eg – if your mother or father is diabetic, you have increased risk of developing diabetes. Do changes in your exercise routine, diet to prevent the onset of the disease.
  2. Know what is your health goal as per your age / sex / gender / disease:  Everyone must have some health goal to deal with. This can be ideal weight, regular exercise, and building muscle mass, losing those inches etc. Dietician will help you in setting this goal. There can be few areas where you might not have a clear idea what to expect? Eg – ideal body weight for an individual.
  3. Get clarity about healthy eating and burst those myths: If you think there are few myths which are affecting your daily diet get answer from a dietician. Modern nutrition follows evidence based practices which are proven by researchers. No need to believe on myths which have no proof. Eg – avoid eating fruits in the night.
  4. How much food you need to eat than you think? Every individual has different calorific requirements. Discuss your lifestyle, physical activity, food preferences to boost your energy levels, concentration and improved health.
  5. Do you need health supplements?  Health supplements market is becoming popular. Every diet cannot be complete with all the nutrients required. Few supplements might help but it needs cautious implementation and incorporation in the diet.
  6. Long term health goal management:  Long term health management is required in case of conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity ect. Losing weight can be easy but maintaining this weight is equally important. Dietician will provide helpful guidelines in this regard.
  7. Meal management for a family:  Lifestyle modification cannot be only for one individual. It is applicable for the whole family. This will enhance health of younger as well as elders in the house. Family meal management tips are useful for housewives and women.
  8. For better beauty considering skin health / hair and nails: Skin, hair and nail are three major pillar of beauty. Get appropriate nutrition to enhance your beauty.
  9. Improve your IQ and perform better: Right from pregnancy to growing kids diet makes a lot of difference. Discuss with dietician about your kid’s progression, concentration difficulties etc.
  10. Get motivation and keep moving: Motivation is most important. There will be ups and downs during health journey, discuss your fears, failures with Diet expert to get required motivation.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Dietician with one of the easy way:

  • Call Up on our Helpline number 09266802992
  • Get connected on skype: justforhearts
  • Ask a Dietician