Beets are highly nutritious and versatile root vegetable and we use it in various recipes. But due to its unpleasant appearance, many people avoid this root vegetable. Another important fact about beets is that it is an excellent source of iron. Hence, it plays an important role in maintaining blood health. Hence, it is advisable to include beet in your diet in all forms possible to improve your overall health

Top 10 Health Benefits of Beetroot

Top 10 Health Benefits of Beetroot

Health Benefits of beetroot:

1. Blood health: Beet contains nutrients which help in several metabolic reactions of the body. Beet helps in the formation of blood which improves the overall health.

2. Hemoglobin: Beet is a very rich source of iron which helps in the formation of hemoglobin in the blood.

3. Zero trans-fats and saturated fats: Several vegetables are avoided because of their high fat content. Beet is a healthy option as its fat content is zero!

4. Carbohydrates: Like all other essential nutrients, carbohydrates are also necessary for body’s metabolic activities; you can obtain this source of carbs easily from beets.

5. Fiber: Beet has a high fiber content which is used for improving digestion in the body. The fiber aids metabolism to help in obtaining energy from various reactions.

6. Folic acid: Beets also contain folic acid which our body requires to produce new cells in the body in addition to the maintenance of old cells. It is also beneficial for pregnant women as it prevents neural tube defects. Because of its healing properties, you can take it .

7. Heart diseases: Research has found that inclusion of beet in your diet assists the body in fighting heart diseases.

8. Cancer prevention: Beets, if eaten regularly, are known to prevent the chances of cancer. It is more useful for preventing colon cancer.

9. Antioxidants: Beets offer a unique combination of antioxidants. They, along with vitamins and other essential nutrients, help prevent cancer, cardiovascular diseases and aging.

10. Detoxification: Beets are also eaten for the detoxification process. In this process, your body can eliminate unwanted toxins with urine. This is one of the most important processes of our body.

Nutrition chart

A cup of beet which is about 136 grams contains 58 calories, 0 gram fat and cholesterol, 106mg sodium and 13 grams carbohydrates. It also contains proteins – 2.2 gram, Vitamin C-6.7 grams, E-0.1mg, K-0.3mcg and folates – about 148 mcg. Other nutrients include iron-1.1mg, magnesium-31.3mg, calcium-21.8mg, phosphorous-54.4mg and potassium- 442mg.

So, what are you waiting for? Include this wonderful root vegetable in your daily diet and reap the numerous health benefits it has to offer.  Do share your thoughts. Stay healthy!