Eating healthy food is an essential thing for good health. Food choice is affected by many things.  There are many beliefs among dieters about healthy food choice and eating. This can lead to benefit to your health or some loss. One needs to know the logic and science behind it.  Following top 10 Diet and nutrition myths will help you in making your choice more clear.

Top 10 diet myths and facts copy copy

Top 10 diet myths and facts copy copy

1. Myth: Rice is not good for health

Fact:  Rice or any carb rich cereal is good for health. Rice contains start which is known as simple carbohydrate. Excluding rice from diet will not help.  One needs to consume balanced diet to meet health goals.

2. Myth: Consumption of sugar leads to diabetes

Fact: There is no direct relation with consumption of sugar and diabetes.  Excess consumption of sugar leads to gained weight. And overweight or obese person has increased chances of developing diabetes.  There are different reasons for diabetes.

3. Myth: One must avoid dinner at night.

Fact: Small and frequent meals is the secret for healthy living. Avoiding any meal will not help you.  There has to be gap of 1 to 2 hours in between your dinner and bed time. Before bed time one can go for glass of milk which works better for sleep problems.

4. Myth: Avoid taking two cereals at a time or in one meal.

Fact:  Combination of cereals or pulses with cereals improves its nutritional value.  There are different streams of thought from where these concepts come.

5. Myth: Jaggery is better than sugar.

Fact: as per calorific value jaggery and sugar are same. The only different can be trace minerals. So, diabetics can definitely cannot rely on jaggery instead of sugar.

6. Myth: Coffee is not good for you.

Fact: Moderate consumption of coffee is said to be good for health. As it is full of phytonutrients and antioxidants one can go for 2 to 3 cups of coffee every day. Some recent studies suggest coffee can help in reducing risk of Parkinson’s disease, diabetes etc. Make sugar coffee does not contain excess calories by sugar, cream etc.

7. Myth: Avoiding Fat or Oil in cooking will help in losing weight.

Fact: Fat and oil is essential for good health. Healthy skin, hair etc are affected by quality of fat in diet. Essential fatty acids help in losing weight, controlling cholesterol levels etc. one must go for ample amount of fat in daily diet. No fat diet will harm your health.

8. Myth: One needs to be dependent on supplements.

Fact:  Health and nutrition supplements are required for body. But one can balanced out the diet and get all required nutrients. In case of protein supplements it can be provided by diet, athletes may need to rely on supplements.

9. Myth: One must avoid eating carbs to lose weight.

Fact: Carbohydrates are essential part of diet. They provide energy to the body.  Reduced or restricted consumption of carbs may help, but it should not last for long time.

10. Myth: After exercise tend to eat more.

Fact: Exercise helps you in improving your BMR. Feeling hungry after exercise is a good sign. One must plan pre and post work out meal with the help of Dietician. Proper food choice will help in achieving health goal.