Weight loss is not limited to change in the numbers your weighing scales shows, but it is a difference in your muscle mass and fat percentage in the body. During weight loss program if you are losing muscle mass then such program is of no use. Dieting is a common term used in weight loss plan, but including balanced diet is more important. One must attempt to lose fat and gain muscle mass. There is lot more buzz about fat burners. It is more common in regular gym goers, athletes, sports persons etc. Here are top 10 natural fat burners which will ease out your fat loss regime:

  1. Apples: All time famous apples are effective fat burners.  High fiber content and potassium content are two things make it perfect for weight loss diet. Consuming apples on regular basis also helps in controlling blood cholesterol levels.  Rich antioxidant properties protects against oxidative damage. every dieting plan must have apples to fulfill hunger pangs.
  2. Berries: Various berries can be counted for fat burning purpose. Blue berries, black berries, rasp berries are low on calories and high in nutrients. Consuming one cup of berries gives less than 100 kcal and more nutrients. Regular consumption of berries improves overall health.
  3. Grape fruit: Grape fruit is known for its fat burning properties.  It helps in lowering insulin levels slightly, thus affect storage of fat in the body and weight loss.  Its fiber content is high with fewer calories.
  4. Mustard and Pepper: Chilies, pepper and mustard containing catechin improves metabolism. They are thermo genic foods which mean it burns calories after consumption.  Few studies show that person can burn more fat after consumption of chilies.
  5. Psyllium fiber: High fiber food has beneficial effect on health. Psyllium fiber helps in improving the digestive system. Thus helps in losing weight. Regular consumption of high fiber foods are beneficial.
  6. Spinach: Spinach is a rich source of fiber, vitamin E, iron etc.  This food item is ideal for weight loss plan. One must consume spinach regularly to get most health benefits.
  7. Yogurt: One of the healthier milk products is yogurt. With its active bacteria it is full of taste, calcium, proteins etc.  Daily consumption of yogurt helps in improving digestion also.
  8. Celeray: Another green vegetable which must be present on the plate and be a part of salad.  Consumption of Celery improves body’s metabolism and digestion.
  9. Beans: High protein beans are essential for good health.  Their high nutritive value makes it perfect for muscle mass building. They are high in fiber at the same time provide minerals.
  10. Green tea extract: Green tea is famous for its effect in weight loss. Green tea extract is potent fat burner. It can be taken in pills form while performing regular exercise.

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