We all love to have fit and healthy lifestyle. Achieving ideal weight is a dream of many! But what we hate is the diet and exercise which needs to be followed for weight loss and management.  Somehow we can’t maintain even simple things like eating on time, drinking enough water etc. The blame for this failure often goes to our busy and hectic schedule.

Have you ever thought why does the weight loss program fail? Many a times it’s not intentional, we don’t even realize that we are not following anything and even if we understand we can’t exactly stop it.

Here are some common weight loss failures:

  • No consistency in diet
  • Skipping of exercise
  • Inadequate/ lack of knowledge regarding weight loss
  • Hectic schedule
  • Lack of family support
  • Importance of weight management is not perceived
  • Health conditions like knee pain, back pain, etc refraining individuals from exercising
  • Hormonal imbalance (problems like thyroid, PCOD etc.)
  • Lack of self motivation
  • Following crash diet and then getting back to unhealthy eating pattern.
  • Laziness

But remember- problems without solutions never exist! So here are some solutions given by our Experts  which will help you for your weight loss:

  1. Keep a regular follow up with your Dietitian.
  2. Keep yourself motivated by maintaining food diary, updating daily records, reading motivational health updates etc.
  3. If there is any hormonal issue then get your hormonal levels checked and consult a Doctor.
  4. Get knowledge about why you need to follow diet and exercise only then you will understand its importance.
  5. Take options from your Dietitian for eating out or while traveling.
  6. Make calorie chart of different food items and keep it in front of your eye sight like kitchen wall, office desk, laptop screen etc.
  7. Maintain a Food Diary, tell your Dietitian to review it and make changes if needed.
  8. Have some interesting exercise options (Trekking, swimming etc.)
  9. Get an Exercise Buddy to accompany you.
  10. Set a SMART goal- Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound.
  11. Even spending 30 minutes a day is enough to start with so don’t worry about time constraint.

The only way you can make sure your weight loss program doesn’t fail is to understand its importance. It’s all about Healthy Lifestyle and Healthy You.

If you have any other reason why your weight loss is a failure, do discuss with us on our health forum.